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An urgent message from CryptoMade founder, Mark Thompson to you…

You are on this page right now because we are entering the early stages of the biggest wealth transfer in history and you want to desperately figure out how YOU can capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

…am I close? If so, you’re in the right place.

I’m going to assume you’ve dabbled into crypto a little (with minimal success) or you are just exploring the space for the first time (and are probably a bit overwhelmed).

Blockchain-this. Metaverse-that. It’s like a foreign language!

I totally understand – I was in the exact spot you were in just a few short years ago.

Investing into random crypto coins and projects, hoping and praying for 10-200x gains.

With no strategy, no roadmap or community – your odds of long-term success are slim to none.

But what if I told you there was a proven (no-risk) system for investing into crypto projects that absolutely crushed the returns you typically see from traditional investments?

In a no bull**** format that anyone can follow – yes, even if you have zero experience trading and you’re not overly technical.

…and if you are a lot like me you don’t want to be “day trading” at your desk 12-14 hours a day.

While yes, we want some juicy 200x gainers in a week, we also understand that doesn’t happen on every investment, nor do we want it to, right…? If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

We want a balanced investment approach that minimizes risk and is diversified across the many ways we can create life-changing income in the new investment vehicle we call “the crypto world”.

Instead of listening to the countless “YouTubers” constantly talking in hindsight saying “imagine if you invested $1,000 into Amazon back in 1997, you would have made…blah blah blah”, imagine actually DOING IT right now.

That is exactly why I created the CryptoMade Intensive Program, to teach you the foundational skills needed to intelligently invest into an asset class that is expected to be a 5 billion dollar industry by 2030.

Paired with software, ongoing live training, market updates and a passionate community of like-minded crypto and web3 enthusiasts – it’s everything you need.

This program was designed to put you on the fast track…

Cutting out all of the mistakes I’ve made…
Saving all of the money that I’ve wasted…
Removing the countless hours I’ve wasted…

Now, let’s dive into everything you’ll gain access to immediately after joining…

MODULE 1 The Basics of Blockchain $497 Value

We have to crawl before we can walk, but before you know it, you’ll be sprinting towards understanding (in le mans terms) how the blockchain works and why this technology will fuel the web3 ecosystem for decades to come.

  • Why decentralization will revolutionize every industry, while reducing the reliance on large institutions and government.
  • Understanding the differences between proof of work vs proof of stake and how it applies to evaluating crypto projects for future investments.
  • Learn about everything related to decentralized finance including buying/selling/trading crypto via exchanges, wallets, gas fees and more.
  • Understanding the power of smart contracts and how they will affect every aspect of your daily lives.
  • Understanding the difference between layer 0, layer 1 and layer 2 blockchains and their ecosystems.
Keith Gosnell

“I love how Mark breakdown blockchain technology and all of the industry jargon into layman’s terms, beginners like me can understand. A great foundation to help wrap your head around the basics!.”

MODULE 2 Crypto Trading Masterclass $1,997 Value

After going through this masterclass, you’ll feel as comfortable as a seasoned day-trader (without actually day-trading), conducting basic technical and business analysis, executing trades, and how to allocate your investments for maximizing gains.

  • Understanding the CryptoMade core trading fundamentals including support/resistance levels, RSI, moving averages, retracement levels and lots more.
  • How to trade stable vs alt coins, along with step-by-step instructions for setting up brokerage accounts on exchanges and wallets, to start executing trading.
  • How to set up a Tradingview account and start using 7 trading patterns used in technical analysis to predict the next market move with high accuracy.
  • How to conduct basic market research and tokenomics of crypto projects we are looking at investing into. Comes with our 28-point checklist
  • Learn how to utilize Staking, Yield Farming, Nodes & Liquidity Pools for insane APY returns on your existing crypto assets.
  • How to protect your money and minimize risk with stop losses and smart portfolio management.
Hill Dickerson

“I’ve always wanted to invest into crypto, but I didn’t want to do it blindly or FOMO into a project. The trading masterclass helped me understand how to do my own research and make informed decision. Love the program!”

Recent trades
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 616% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 106% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 86% ROI
MODULE 3 Crypto Gaming & Metaverse Masterclass $997 Value

Virtual and augmented reality is evolving at lightning speed. Large brands like Facebook (now Meta) are already pivoting, recognizing mainstream adoption in the metaverse and play-to-earn gaming. This masterclass was designed to help you navigate this new universe and uncover investment opportunities in what will be the fastest growing segment in crypto.

  • Understand the fundamentals of P2E gaming and why it will change the 300 billion global industry forever.
  • Understand how the metaverse will reshape how people engage with people and brands, plus how the metaverse, gaming, and NFTs are all interconnected for massive investment upside.
  • 11 game launchpads to find and invest into early projects from the ground floor.
  • How to conduct game market research and tokenomics. Comes with our 28-point checklist
  • How to build a crypto gaming team that will help to generate interoperability assets that can be used/sold/traded in other games and metaverses’.
  • A look at the top metaverse projects and how to invest in assets that have the highly likeness of appreciating in value.
Matt Burns

“For the past 5 years I have been investing into the traditional markets. However I’m always looking for that potential big gainer. This module helped me uncover the next generation of gaming and how to weed out 99% of the noise.”

Recent trades and investments
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 616% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 106% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 86% ROI
MODULE 4 NFT Masterclass $997 Value

No, NFTs are not just pixelated JPEGs of bored monkeys. NFT’s will change the landscape for virtually every industry. Musicians music. Your marriage license. The deed to your house. Your car insurance. A ticket to an upcoming event. All will be in the form of non-fungible tokens. This masterclass was designed to not only teach you how to invest in NFTs, but to create your own NFTs to sell.

  • A clear understanding of what NFT’s are and real use cases for how NFTs are being used (and will be used) in everyday life.
  • The top NFT marketplaces and how to use your crypto wallet to buy and sell NFTs.
  • Unique strategies we used to buy NFTs for long-term investing vs short-term flipping
  • Top places we used to find upcoming NFT launches to get in on the ground floor and be whitelisted (allow you to mint/buy).
  • Ninja tools we used to gather real-time NFT data and analytics.
  • How to create your own NFT collection and create your smart contract (using CodelessNFT) with zero code or tech skills.
  • A step-by-step NFT launch strategy proven to sell out your collection in 24 hours.
Matt Lopez

“Amazing add-on education for someone like me who has 6 years investing into crypto, who didn’t really take the time to understand the NFT market. Was amazed to see how much opportunity there is, both as an investor and creator.”

Recent NFT investments
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 616% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 106% ROI
Investment: $600 (0.2 ETH) Sold: $4,300 (1.4 ETH) 86% ROI
Bonus #1 Inner Circle Access (12 Months) $1,188 Value

Strategy and training can only take you so far (especially when learning any new skills). That is why you’ll receive a full year of CryptoMade “Inner Circle” access. Weekly market updates, real-time trade alerts, live private events and AMAs.

  • Get exclusive weekly video updates (not published on my YouTube channel or social media) on what’s going on in the crypto space.
  • Access to my private AMA (ask me anthing) live streams where we chat about crypto and I answer your questions.
  • Learn about new alt coins I am researching and looking to make investments into.
  • Get in-depth reviews and commentary on upcoming/new crypto projects that I see have massive upside.
  • Access to our private Discord group, where you can connect with hundreds of other like-minded crypto maders.
  • Access to our NFT channel in Discord that helps us collectively get on the whitelists of some of the most hyped and talked about NFT collections.
  • Access to our trade-alert channel in Discord that gives you real-time alerts on which coins I’m currently trading.
Nathaniel Dasco

“The private discord group is first-class! Love the energy between all of the members, plus I love how the content is updated with the latest news, projects, and real-time trading alerts. It’s a one-stop shop for the crypto industry.”

Bonus #2 CodelessNFT Software Access $3,490 Value

Probably worth the price of admission alone, you’ll be receiving access to our new CodelessNFT software. CodelessNFT helps you to create degenerative NFT art collections with no code.

  • Create randomly generated NFT’s, with a simple layer variation uploader.
  • Assign trait and layer rarity to give specific NFTs a higher rarity score/valuation.
  • Deploy smart contracts to the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain to allow people to start minting your collection.
  • Utilize smart contract customization including price tiering, max per wallet and whitelist support.
  • Embed your mint button onto your website with one line of code.
  • Auto-generated marketing materials to help you create buzz and excitement about your collection.
  • Integrations with OpenSea Rarity and Mintable for earning royalties on secondary NFT marketplaces.
Tony Beckman

“While most NFT collection generation software charges you thousands, I was blown away that Mark gave us access to CodelessNFT for free. Its quick and easy to add your traits and variations, then create a degenerative collection in minutes.”

Fast-Action Bonus #1 NFT from My Furry Fans Collection $3000 Value

You’ll be airdropped to your crypto wallet an NFT from our Furry Fans collection. For many of you, this will be your first NFT. What better (and easier) way to get your feet wet.

  • We exact the collection floor to appreciate more than the investment into the CryptoMade program. Literally a bonus that could pay for itself.
  • Exclusive perks and whitelist opportunities for future NFT launches.
  • Future utility for your Furry Fan to use in crypto games and the metaverse.
Fast-Action Bonus #2 Private TradingView Indicators $1,997 Value

We, along with our Crypto Maverick partners (smart dudes), have developed custom, private indicators, that can be used in TradingView to help with various technical analysis.

  • Maverick Buy-Sell Indicator: This is an all-around indicator that is capable of being used on any chart. From 5m up to 1 day time frames. The “Buy (Bullish)” or “Sell (Bearish)” signals help you to identify the perfect time to enter or exit a trade.
  • Maverick RSI Indicator: The Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) is one of, if not the, most popular indicator used by traders all over the world. This indicator changes in color based on it’s levels, helping to provide another data point to identify possible trends in price action.
  • Maverick MACD Indicator: Divergence has been the #1 indicator to tell us what the price action is going to do next. Without this indicator, a trader would have to look for divergence manually on every single chart. This takes time, experience, and attention to detail to really get it right. This indicator does the heavy lifting for you by scanning the market 24/7 to find those divergences.
Tony Beckman

“While most NFT collection generation software charges you thousands, I was blown away that Mark gave us access to CodelessNFT for free. Its quick and easy to add your traits and variations, then create a degenerative collection in minutes.”

Fast-Action Bonus #3 Access to the Crypto Gaming Team $997 Value

My business partner, Jeff J Hunter, founder of the Crypto Gaming Team has been kind enough to give all CryptoMade members, access to his private Facebook & Discord community of passionate crypto gamers.

  • Zero to Hero Crypto Guide: A first-class guide to cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and NFTs.
  • Game Analysis Guides: His team of expert crypto gamers do all the hard work, researching the game fundamentals and tokenomics of new and upcoming games (so you don’t have to) and gives it to you in a beautifully designed guide.
  • Jeff’s Gaming Investments: Jeff and his team are always checking out newly released games to figure out if they are a good investment opportunity (or not). If they are, he shares step-by-step how you can get involved and start generating profits.
Fast-Action Bonus #4 Stacked Bot Access $300 Value

We’ve partnered with Stacked who helps with managing your assets & instantly invest in pre-built portfolios and strategies from leading hedge funds and crypto traders.

  • Receive 1-month of free access to any of their 30+ A.I. powered trading bots.
  • Supports top exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, FTX, ByBit, KuCoin, Phemex, BitMEX, Bitfinex, and AAX.
  • Unlimited Access to 37 pre-built “Stacks” that are the equivalent to an ETF. Each Stack targets a different segment of the market – i.e. Coinbase DeFi top 12, NFT 5, Small Cap 5, etc…
  • Full transparency in bot returns over time. Many bots generating up to 5000% returns!
Fast-Action Bonus #5 NFT Mint Bot Software $2000 Value

Highly anticipated NFT launches can get crazy (to say the least), with literally hundreds of thousands of people trying to fight for their change to mint. This can cause website downtime and technical issues with the minting process. Instead, mint directly from the verified blockchain contract using the CryptoMade NFT Mint Bot.

  • Unlimited license to mint as many NFTs directly from the contract (currently supports ERC-20 contracts).
  • Unsure you secure your mint, with hyper-quick automation.
  • Mint NFT art, land, collectibles, wearables and more.
  • This bot can also be used as a service, providing clients who are eager to mint a collection, but don’t want to fight the crowd. Use the backdoor and mint an NFT for a fee.
Yigit Tuna

“After going through the Intensive, I was floored at how much value he delivered. As the creator of NFTinit, we wanted to do the same for the community. It’s why we are giving away premium NFT research tools to the Intensive members.”

(…and if you made it this far down the page I trust you are ready to make the smart choice)


Say nothing. Do nothing.
Stand on the sidelines making your biggest regret of the year.


“Figure it out for yourself” with no real strategy. Wasting precise time and delaying your investment goals.


Invest in yourself. Join a proven system and community of like-minded people eager to dominate the crypto industry.


  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Checkout

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Let us remove all of the risk and make this a no-brainer of an investment to join the CryptoMade program. While we are confident that you won’t need to, we still stand behind our guarantee that at any point during the first 30 days of your purchase, you can receive 100% of your investment back.

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